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Davey HM160-15 Horizontal Multi-Stage 1.5kW Single Phase 240V Pump







The HM Horizontal Multistage pumps are a compact pump product with all stainless-steel and hydraulic componentry, and the ability to sustain high water temperatures.

Easily converted to a water pressure system by the addition of a Torrium2 controller and ideal for irrigation and turf watering, washdown, emptying or filling tanks or reservoirs, commercial washing or water treatment such as demineralisation or filtering.

The HM Series have been certified and tested to comply with the requirements of the AS/NZS 4020 standard. The AS/NZS 4020 standard stipulates that products in contact with drinking water do not affect the taste or appearance of the water, do not support the growth of micro-organisms and do not release cytotoxic or mutagenic compounds or metals into the water.


With maximum flow rates of up to 425 lpm, and up to 69m head, the HM range has axial suction and vertical discharge with a compact design for ease of install.

Features include:

  • All stainless-steel pump componentry for better corrosion and abrasion resistance, low noise output and reduced power consumption
  • Air purging valve and stage porting for easier priming, and less susceptibility to air leaks
  • Impellers are mounted directly on to the extended motor shaft maximising performance per stage, and increased wear resistance - leading to a long motor + pump life
  • Complete stainless casing attached to motor bracket at 8 points with an o-ring seal, for better sealing
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TFEC) electric motor with built in thermal overload protection and automatic reset

There are a large number of individual models available around the world, please contact Davey directly, or search for a Dealer or Distributor to get assistance with choosing the most suitable model for your needs.

Models in the range:

  • HM60-06 - max. flow up to 60 lpm and 460kPa
  • HM60-08 - max. flow up to 80 lpm and 575kPa
  • HM60-10 - max. flow up to 60 lpm and 690kPa
  • HM90-08 - max. flow up to 90 lpm and 460kPa
  • HM90-11 - max. flow up to 120 lpm and 575kPa
  • HM90-13 - max. flow up to 90 lpm and 690kPa
  • HM160-15 - max. flow up to 250 lpm and 460kPa
  • HM160-19 - max. flow up to 250 lpm and 600kPa
  • HM270-19 - max. flow up to 415 lpm and 360kPa
  • HM270-25 - max. flow up to 425 lpm and 460kPa

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.


Specific applications include:

  • Water supply, boosting and transfer.
  • Irrigation and turf watering.
  • Wash down.
  • Emptying/filling reservoirs or tanks.
  • Water treatment (demineralisation, filtering etc).
  • Commercial washing equipment.

Pumps can also be used in applications where pump needs to be horizontally offset from the water supply.


Maximum system pressure 460kPa
Capacities to 250Lpm
Maximum operating pressure 1000kPa
Maximum suction pressure 600kPa
Temperature Range -15º to 105ºC
Maximum ambient temperature 50ºC
Inlet size 1½"
Outlet sizes 1¼"

HM60 Pump Curve
Larger Image of Pump Performance table

  • Model: HM160-15
  • Shipping Weight: 21.8kgs
  • Manufactured by: Davey

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